Trigger Warning!!! All Lives Matter!!!

Folks, it still annoys  me every time I hear the slogan, “Black Lives Matter!” Not because I’m a racist, or an alt-right white nationalist, nothing could be further from the truth. But that is exactly what I’m accused of every time I address this group, or other groups like it. New Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc. For those who didn’t read my piece on MultiCulturalism, I would ask you to go back and read that first before you go further with this article.

Now the biggest problem I have with Black Lives Matter is that the whole premise of it was based on a lie. Let us relive the incident, for a moment, that took place in Ferguson, Missouri. The Gentle Giant, Mike Brown, was shot and killed in cold blood by a racist, murderous Police Officer named Darren Wilson. Wilson apparently sought out and targeted Brown for assassination, and proceeded to shoot Michael while the poor man’s hands were in the air as the words “Hands up Don’t shoot” echoed through the streets. And of course we are to believe all this, without the benefit of evidence and testimony, because Mike Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson (who was with Brown at the time) told us that’s what happened. (By the way, Johnson was arrested in May of 2015 for possession of drugs and impeding Police Officers….. Just saying)  Again, without the benefit of facts, evidence, or testimony, the Media went crazy over this racist piece of garbage, Darren Wilson, with President Obama and his Department of Justice leading the way! Makes for a great story doesn’t it? That’s exactly what it was, a story. It NEVER happened that way. The long and short of it was that Mike Brown was involved in a strong-armed robbery of a convenience store, with his buddy Dorian Johnson I might add. Darren Wilson received the call about the robbery and encountered Brown and Johnson walking in the middle of the street. Wilson said that the two men fit the description, and stopped to question them. An altercation ensued with Brown punching Wilson while he was still sitting in his squad car. He then began to reach for Wilson’s gun. A shot went off, hitting Brown in the hand. Brown retreated back as Wilson made his way out of his car. Brown then tried to charge Wilson, and in turn, Wilson fired at Brown. Brown was hit multiple times and he eventually died in the street. That’s the end of the story. Those are the facts, backed up by other witness testimony that said Dorian Johnson’s account of the situation was a lie. Sorry if you don’t like the truth, but there it is. Even Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, under the leadership of Eric Holder, found ZERO! And believe me they tried to make something stick. But that’s my humble opinion. And of course the rioters and race baiters came out of the woodwork. They burned and busted up that city for what? A lie. A lie pushed by the media and enabled by Obama and his administration, along with all the Social Justice Warriors this country has been “blessed” with.

Now although the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” first started after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Florida, the group really didn’t pick up steam until after the events in Ferguson unraveled. BLM members, for the most part, push for law enforcement reform across the country. Whatever that is supposed to mean. They also advocate for White people to “shed their white privilege” and atone for things that happened well before any of my family came to this country, in the name of Social Justice. Now you might be asking yourself what ‘White Privilege’ is? It speaks for itself, the idea that somehow white people have a built in advantage in life just because of being born white. Yeah, it’s nonsense, plain and simple. But it’s a great excuse to use when your life is in the toilet because of bad choices you have made. For example, if you make the decision to have a kid out of wedlock, the father takes off, and you are now in gross poverty, somehow that is the fault of White Privilege. Right, it makes no sense. But like I said, it makes for a great excuse for wrong choices. And what we are seeing in colleges and universities around the country, are classes that must be taken in order to “purge” your white privilege. This is all very scary folks, and the fact that blacks, whites, etc. buy into this is what makes it TRULY scary. And the real irony is that when all that controversy was going on at the University of Missouri last fall (we all remember poop swastika) the BLM had safe spaces for blacks only! That’s right… even if white kids were protesting alongside blacks, the safe spaces were reserved for blacks only. Sounds kind of racist and exclusionary if you ask me.

Now what’s worse, is that leaders of the BLM movement along with other figures like Al Sharpton and the like, are who Barack Obama has to the White House to discuss race relations. Now why would the President of the United States have race hustlers as advisors? Because Obama wants to push the narrative that racism and racist cops are running rampant across this country… plain an simple. I have written about it, and I will say it again, I knew our President was a race baiter when he came out during the Sanford, Fl situation and said “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Referring to Trayvon Martin who lost his life while involved in a fight with George Zimmerman. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this is no way for a supposed President to conduct himself.” Fact of the case had not even been released, and this man is standing there as the leader of this country, throwing gasoline on a fire. It was from that point that I knew he was NOT going to unite America, rather, become the Divider in Chief. And was has happened? Every police shooting of a black person is now polarized by the media and his administration, especially his Department of Justice. Furthered by the BLM movement whose chants of “What do we want, dead cops” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” echo through the streets of our cities. Culminating now in to actual assassinations of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other locations. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, so on and so forth have blood on their hands for what they have let happen. And for what…. most, almost all of the “Police killings of blacks” have been proven to be justified. But you will NEVER hear that side of it from Obama. He just moves along to the next racial incident. Divide and Conquer…..Divide and Conquer. That is what the left does folks. More Government power. More Federal power. More Executive power. Has anybody else noticed that in the wake of these “racist police shootings,” Lorretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States, has been going state to state pushing for a nationalization of Police??? No doubt under the direction of Barack Obama and is also championed by the likes of Hillary Clinton. These Democrats will stop at nothing to secure more and more centralized power, and less power for the States. And will use whatever means they have to, to achieve their goal. Remember, “Ends Justify the Means” to the left. Even if they have to racially destroy this poor country, it doesn’t matter to them in the end. Again, we are seeing evidence of this every day in America.

Now you don’t have to look far to see the hypocrisy that stems from the left. Remember, Black Lives Matter, but only when there is a police shooting. When blacks are killing blacks everyday in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc…. you don’t hear a peep from Obama and the BLM movement. Why???? Because that doesn’t fit their narrative. There is nothing to be gained from that. There is no divisiveness that they can exploit. And frankly, these cities have been under Democrat control for the better part of 50 years so they don’t want to point that out. Starting to get it? And when asked about blacks killing blacks, there is never an intelligent answer. They just go back to arguments like “White Privilege” and “Racist Cops.” The Democrats will never own up to failed policies and what the truth REALLY is. And that is a shame for blacks and other races who put their trust in these politicians. Politicians that sold them out back in the 60’s with the New, New Deal under the guidance and watchful eye of Lyndon Johnson, who might I add was a RAGING racist. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

I have made this point in previous pieces as well. It is a FACT that the Republican party was the civil rights party. The Democrats hijacked the movement in the 60’s and flipped the script on the Republicans. It was really a brilliant move I have to say. Lyndon Johnson, after Kennedy was assassinated, brought an explosion of entitlements and handouts. Welfare, medicare, medicaid, housing, food stamps, just to name some. Well of course Republicans didn’t want a welfare state for a couple reasons. First, it is immoral for the government to take money out of the pockets of hard working Americans and simply give it to others. In it’s essence, it’s redistribution of wealth. It’s also called theft!! Second, Republicans know that the more citizens rely on the Federal Government to “take care of them,” the more they have you by the balls. For lack of a better word, it makes you a “slave” to the government and the Progressive Left in this country are well aware of it. So what happened? The Republican Party, again who were the champions of the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 50’s and 60’s, were now labeled “Racists” because they were not in favor of free handouts. “The Republicans want to keep you down because they don’t want to free everything!” That’s how easily they did it. And ever since, the Democrats just keep pounding away at that narrative….. Think about it for a second, if you disagree with a policy of Obama’s, it’s not because you think it would be bad for America. It’s not because you have an opposing view. It’s because you are a RACIST and shut the hell up. Think about the Main Stream Media. More precisely, CNN and MSNBC. Over the last 8 years, it seems most times a Republican is on with an opposing view of Obama, they pull that “racist” trigger real fast. Doesn’t matter what the argument is and how much sense it makes….. “You must be disagreeing because he’s black” is the narrative you will hear.

Another hypocrisy of the Democrats is when you have someone like Sheriff David Clarke, Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, etc., all black Republicans I might add, these folks no longer cease to be black. I hear it from pundits all the time. “Well, they’re not REALLY black, they are just doing the bidding of the Master!” “They are just puppets for the Republican establishment!” So I guess if you work hard, achieve goals, and have a different political view, that makes you a fake black person? The whole argument is stupid and disgusting. I mention Sheriff Clarke because this man takes so much grief from the left. For those who aren’t familiar, he is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin. He is also an outspoken critic of Black Lives Matter and the Obama administration. He’s also someone I would vote for in a heartbeat for President. He calls out BLM for being a hate group full of thugs and hoodlums (His words, not mine), he calls out black people to accept responsibility for their own actions, and criticizes Obama and the Democrats for enabling certain behaviors. He also points out where Progressive Democrats have destroyed black communities because of liberal policies. He really is one of my heroes, and I have much respect for him, but the left constantly attacks this man for having views that don’t line up with theirs. Fortunately, he doesn’t take any shit, and tells it the way it is. Even in the face of public scrutiny, and it’s awesome to watch.

Now the final hypocrisy I would point out, and I want you to think seriously about this and use it as an anecdote if you’re ever in an argument with a leftist, is why Barack Obama vacations with his family in Martha’s Vineyard? That’s right, the same Martha’s Vineyard that is LOADED with all those “Horrible, Rich, White People that don’t care about Blacks at all!” In fact, Obama just spent 2 weeks there playing golf and stuffing his face full of lobster, while Americans, both white and black, were drowning and losing everything they have with the recent flooding in Louisiana, I might add! If he is so for the working man and minorities, why wouldn’t he vacation in Chicago? How about Baltimore? I hear Detroit is BEAUTIFUL this time of year! Perhaps Cleveland would be an option. Nope, the fact of the matter is that your President would never vacation anywhere outside of Martha’s Vineyard or an area like it, because he is completely full of shit. How about Bernie Sanders? You know, “Mr. the top 1 percent of the population control all the money…. and we need to redistribute the wealth!” Did you hear that he just bought a $600,000 vacation home  on a lake in Vermont? And paid for it in cash!! Yes my Democrat friends, unfortunately for you, you have been had……..