Why Donald Trump’s Ego and his Surrogates Will Lose Him This Race

Good afternoon everybody, as I am sitting here writing this article, there are big shakeups going on in Trump Headquarters. Apparently, from what I can tell at this point, Breitbart News CEO, Stephen K. Bannon is going to be Trump’s campaign chief executive. Kellyanne Conway will be the new campaign manager. And Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager just resigned and is out on his butt. This shakeup comes after a few very good days and speeches by Donald Trump where he has stayed on message and teleprompter. Seemingly much more “Presidential” than we saw during the Primary Process which is nice to see quite honestly, which begs the question, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??

Now let me preface this whole piece by saying that originally, I wanted to point out some very troubling concerns and disgusts I have with Donald and his Surrogates in the media, coming out of the Republican Convention in particular. It’s also no secret that I am not a Trump supporter. All you have to do is go back and read previous posts I’ve written. I am not a Never Trump person, but again, I have SERIOUS questions and concerns about this candidate and his ability to “Lead” this country. “Lead” of course being the operative word. Also, my concerns go out to many of his spokespeople, some in the Media, some not. But it seems to me that his surrogates have taken on the Trump Persona, and I find that equally troubling as well. Let me go back to the Democrat Convention for a moment. There was a Muslim Gold Star Family who spoke on behalf of Hillary and the Democrats. They lost their son, a U.S. Army Captain, in the Iraq War in 2004. In their speech, Mr. Khan called out Donald Trump for never sacrificing anything in his life. Moreover, Mr. Khan insinuated the Donald has never read the Constitution of the Unites States either. I actually agree with that sentiment to be honest….. But that’s for a different discussion. So the following day, in true Trump fashion, he decided it was a good idea to “punch” back at the Khan family. Besides trying to convince people that he has sacrificed more than a family who lost a child in war, Trump then went on to insinuate that Mrs. Khan did not speak at the Convention because she was a Muslim woman, and most likely wasn’t allowed to. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a BIG problem with the Republican Nominee for President of the United States attacking a Gold Star Family! I thought, and still think, it was absolutely disgusting and uncalled for Donald to go after these people like he would a political opponent. All he simply had to say, when he was asked for a response to the Khan’s speech, is “I am deeply sorry for their loss. Their son was obviously a hero and should be revered! I couldn’t imagine the horrible pain they must feel losing a child, but I must respectfully disagree with their position about me. And I would truly love an opportunity to explain my positions further with them.” And leave it at that!! Is that so damn hard Donald? Is your ego so huuuuuge that you can’t swallow your pride and do the right thing? EVER? So what happens next, after the Media completely destroy what Trump did, he was asked why he would say such things. Again, he has a chance to redeem himself but would rather throw jet fuel into an already raging bonfire. Donald’s excuse was, “I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan.” And in not so many words went on to say, I had to hit back….. Are you insane Donald? Or are you perpetually going to act like a 5 year old child?? I don’t care if that man walked on stage and pissed on a picture of you!! You DO NOT attack American citizens, especially Gold Star families, ever!! It’s called integrity and decency Donald….. Look it up. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, droves of people came out to support Trump. And I don’t mean his hatchet people like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Katrina Pierson…. I’m talking about people on Fox News. People like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc. Folks who know better, but are so far up Trump’s ass, they feel they have to defend this ridiculousness. Shame on you all. Now it is coming out that Mr. Khan may or may not have ties to radical Islamic groups in this country. Fine. If that’s the case it will come out in the wash, but my point being is Donald needs to know when to keep his mouth shut and let journalists dig in to people’s personal background. That’s enough of that.

Now speaking of Donald’s surrogates at Fox News, I want to briefly talk about all this garbage that is out there regarding “If you don’t vote for Trump, that’s a vote for Hillary.” Folks, that is about as dumb an argument as you can make. Honestly I am sick and tired of hearing it as well. Part of the reason people are turned off by Donald Trump is because of the reason I just wrote about. Americans, including myself, don’t feel comfortable putting our name next to a Candidate who can’t control his ego, let alone his mouth. Another factor that drives Republican voters away, is this constant lambasting from news personalities like Hannity, O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, etc…. constantly, and almost in a threatening manner, demanding all Republicans to vote for Trump or else we are nothing more than shills for Hillary Clinton. And I have to admit, after months of hearing it, it’s really getting irritating. My Trump supporting friends, please listen, because I really don’t want to go through this again and again and again. Contrary to what you hear out of Sean Hannity’s trap, Conservatives are not “Licking their wounds” and being “Sore Losers.” We had a different candidate in mind; Whether that candidate was Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Bush, whoever! We expect and demand that the person we vote for, share our values and principles as well. Regardless of who is running on the other side. That’s a big reason why we are in the mess that we find ourselves in now. Voting just to go along to get along….. And we are sick and tired and angry as well. Unfortunately, Donald and his mouthpieces in the Media think it’s better to insult, demand, and in some cases intimidate the voters to go out and vote for Trump. Well hey gang, I have news for you, you are only pushing us further and further away. Now listen closely, because no matter how badly you will want to blame us if Trump loses, the ONLY person you can blame is Donald Trump himself. Period. That’s right folks, Trump and his Media surrogates. Sorry, but the truth is a bitch!

Now as I was starting to put this piece together, I figured I might give Mr. Trump a little advice as to how to gain more support from the grass roots base. Like I said, I am not a “Never Trump” person. And as I wrote about months ago, I gave Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt from the get go. I know he’s never done this before, and I gave him a lot of rope; then he hung us with it. My argument being, is it too much to ask for Donald to learn and understand how our government is supposed to work? Then follow it up with serious policy I can get behind. There are many things I DO like about Trump. He has balls, and he’s certainly not afraid to speak his mind, but that only get’s you so far. At some point you must marry serious policy with the fire he has and knock off all the bull. And that has not happened folks. And to Conservatives, that is extremely concerning given that we don’t know what way he will twist. He’s already shown he will pivot on issues, which causes even more concern. If I may be so bold, let me describe a speech that would most certainly perk up ears of Conservatives and “Never Trump” voters. This speech should take place immediately by the way. Preferably without a teleprompter, but if he must use one, fine. I like his energy more off teleprompter, but he stays on topic better with it. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be completely candid with you today. I would like to address the entire Republican Party and it’s Conservative base. As we all know, this election cycle has been a whirlwind of ups an downs. Attacks and counter attacks. Both in the Primary, and so far in this General. I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank my supporters and Campaign Team, but I really want to address those Republicans and Conservatives that are less than happy with me as the Republican Candidate. I understand the questions and concerns you have about me. I acknowledge time and time again that I’ve never been a politician, but becoming the President of the United States is something I truly take serious. The time is now to return liberty and Constitutionalism back to the American people. And if I am fortunate enough to be elected, it would be an absolute honor to lead the way back to a country that the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution intended. It has always been my intention to be the best Candidate I can be. However, as we all know, there have been some bumps along the way. I know I can speak off the cuff and a little too frankly at times. For this I apologize. I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to those I’ve hurt along the way. My rhetoric, especially during the Primary Process, has turned many people off. That I understand. So I would like to reach out to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and all the other wonderful Candidates I was fortunate enough to run against, and sincerely apologize to them, their families, and most importantly their supporters. I am deeply sorry for my actions and words. I will never make excuses for my behavior, but I treated many of you badly and unfortunately it has indirectly further divided this once great Republican Party. As the Republican Candidate, please let me reach out to you folks. I know forgiveness is hard to give, but if I could at minimum begin to ask for healing, that would be a wonderful start. I am firmly committed, and hopefully with your help and the help of Ted, Marco, etc…. to move forward to unite this Republican Party and come November, defeat Hillary and the Democrats and begin to heal this once great country!! But again, we can’t do it alone. We need the help of Republicans and Conservatives across this great nation to come together as one! I will work tirelessly to gain and keep your trust because nothing is as important to me as is winning back the White House; Keeping the Senate and House; Getting a Conservative on the Supreme Court; Lowering taxes for Corporations and Creating Jobs; Cutting Taxes for the middle class; Reining in the Strangle Hold that the IRS and other bureaucracies have over Private Businesses and citizens; Stopping illegal immigration and Maintaining our Sovereignty; Making Great Trade Deals, Not Isolationism, but Good Trade Deals for America and Americans; Securing our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights; Re Building Our Military and Make it the Greatest Fighting Force This World Has Ever Seen along with Ensuring that Veterans Have the Healthcare they Need When They Need It; And Once Again Make America That Shining City On A Hill!!!!!!!!! Thank You Everybody!!!!!!!! God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America!!!!!!!”

Of course that’s the long and short of the speech he should give. And quite honestly, I think he could turn A LOT of heads with a speech like that….. But of course that would take a whole lot of eating crow and swallowing of pride. However, it is possible….. if Donald truly wants to win. Give it a shot Mr. Trump….. You just might surprise yourself and at the same time, bring a few tears to people’s eyes. I hope you do the right thing Donald. Thank you to all my readers!!! God Bless everybody and have a safe weekend! Happy Hour is upon us once again….. Cheers!