A Tale of Two Conventions

Well my friends, we made it through both the Republican Convention, followed by the freak show, otherwise known as the Democrat Convention. And in all honesty, I am more frustrated and confused than I have been this whole election season. The lies, corruption, and pandering coming from both sides, but especially the Democrats, is truly staggering. And I have to tell you folks, both parties are as divided as I have ever seen. Now I’m not going through the Conventions word by word. I’m just going to hit some points that I think are the most important things to take away.

Now let’s start with the RNC. This whole side show was very hard to watch. From the clown, Donald Trump, walking out in fog and lights, to Ted Cruz being thrown under the bus, to a platform that could have given the DNC a run for it’s money, I have more reservations now than I did going in. And it should be the opposite. We should be united as a party, but that is just simply not the case. I am now convinced more than ever that Trump is a weak minded, spoiled brat, that must crush and destroy anyone that questions or speaks out against him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and I am starting to believe he doesn’t care! And I hope I’m wrong, but I think he’s taking his supporters for a ride. Now I want to reiterate a point that I have made in a previous post. I have HAD it with Trump supporters telling Conservatives to get on the Trump Train. I recall a group of people being ordered to get on a train. And from what I remember, it ended very badly for those poor people. Now I’m not saying that Trump is a Nazi, I’m just making a point! I am also so tired of Trump supporters telling me, and other people like me that if I don’t vote for Trump, then that’s a vote for Hillary Clinton. Let’s stop right there!!! That is a dumb argument and don’t be fooled by fools. If I decide not to vote for Donald Trump, that is in no way an endorsement for Clinton. I understand what kind of logic they are using to make their point, but it simply is not true. Furthermore, in this country, we still (for now anyway) have the right to vote or not vote for anyone we choose. The more people slam those who question Trump, the more divided we are, and less likely to vote for Trump. And I have a message for Donald, his surrogates in the media, and his supporters; If Donald Trump wants my vote, he must EARN my vote! Period! When Donald Trump is more concerned with bringing Bernie Sanders’ supporters to his side, than he is concerned about bringing Conservatives and other Republicans who backed a different candidate to his side, that’s on him. Don’t blame us. Think about that, Trump has been courting socialists and anarchists to his side, but when it comes to Conservatives, he says he doesn’t need or want us…… Fine. Remember, he needs us a whole lot more than we need him. Nothing is more evident of this then what Trump and his hatchet men did to Ted Cruz at the Convention. In case you don’t remember, because it was only talked about non-stop by the media for a week, but Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump for President. What a shock!! Instead, he told us to “Vote our conscience up and down the ballot.” What a horrible attack on Trump….. or at least that’s what his minions would have you think. So let me get this straight, a man is vilified for standing by his principles and not cowering or caving in the face of public pressure. Isn’t that what we have been asking for in a Presidential Candidate? Just saying!!! Now what you won’t hear from the Main Stream Media and Trump’s surrogates is that Donald asked Cruz to speak at the Convention, not the other way around. And what Cruz told Trump, as it turns out, is that he would NOT endorse him. Apparently, that was fine with Donald. Days before the Convention, Cruz told Trump again, that he would not be endorsing him. Again, I guess Trump was fine with it still. Trump got a copy of the speech in advance and knew EXACTLY what Cruz was going to say. Apparently it was fine with Donald, or he could have pulled the speech. What we also found out is that the Trump campaign had shills on the floor getting the crowd worked up against Cruz when he didn’t endorse. They actively started to boo’s and jeers against Ted at that moment. And isn’t is also a coincidence that Trump magically appears and walks in to the crowd, just at the moment when Ted said “Vote Your Conscience.” This was a setup, and an assassination of Ted Cruz and Cruz supporters. Perpetrated by the Trump Campaign and his surrogates. Period. And I love how Trumpsters come out and exclaim that “Cruz shouldn’t have spoken if he wasn’t going to endorse Trump.” Now what the hell kind of sense does that make???? It’s a dumb argument and has no merit. Ted was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. If he didn’t go to the Convention, he would have looked like a sore loser and would have been trashed like they trashed the Bush’s and John Kasich. On the other hand, if he would have come out and endorsed Donald Trump, he would have been labeled a ‘sellout’. This was a lose-lose situation for Ted Cruz and because of the decision he made, I admire him that much more. By the way, I have a little secret for you Trumpsters, did you know that Cruz could have really thrown a wrench in the machine by throwing his name into nomination. He chose not to do that because unlike other Presidential Candidates in this race, Ted Cruz has class.

Now let’s move along to my gripe with Reince Priebus and the G.O.P. leadership. There was a movement in recent weeks to have the Republican delegates unbound from voting for Trump at the Convention. This was a movement I was not in favor of, but at the same time, deep down inside my pessimistic soul, I found it kind of amusing. This was only one of many motions that the Delegates wanted to vote on. Most people don’t realize that with a blind voice vote, without a role call vote, all the rules would be passed with no motion on the floor. That’s exactly what happened on the floor of the Convention on the first day. When it came time for a motion on the rules, which would also give Priebus and his Republican chronies more power and little to do or say about it, the Chair only had a voice vote. And how that works is the chair asks for a ‘Yea’ vote and then of course a ‘Nay’ vote and it is up to the Chair to decide whose voices were louder. Unfortunately, when you have thousands of screaming idiots, yelling for a motion to keep the rules of the Convention, (decided that week) in an effort to keep Trump from being overthrown by delegates, they just approved at the same time the very ‘insiders’ that they are railing against the power to keep doing what they’ve been doing. Further taking power from the people, and enabling Priebus and his ilk. Again, the delegates thought the whole rules delegation was just a motion to get the delegates unbound, and all the while they were slitting their own wrists by not demanding a role call vote. Congratulations Trumpsters, you’ve screwed the Republican Party for the foreseeable future by not having a rules vote…..just to save your Nominee.

Now I would like to briefly talk about the platform that was on display at the R.N.C. The one thing you might have noticed, if you paid attention to any of it, was the lack of traditional Republican talking points that we usually find at the Convention. For example, did abortion come up once during the Convention? How about Liberty? Any references to the Constitution over those four days? I honestly think Liberty was only referenced a handful of times. Same thing with Constitutional principles. Ironically, it was Ted Cruz, the horrible villain that he is, that I do remember that referenced Liberty and the Constitution. Unfortunately, I heard more about LGBT rights and equal pay for women (which the last time I remember, are Democrat talking points) then I did about Republican and Conservative talking points. Now as everyone knows, I am not against LGBT or equal pay for women, but these are myths ladies and gentlemen. Might not have been in the past, but in this day and age, it’s just a scab that the left constantly picks. Anyone who doesn’t think so, please give me an example of how gays are being kept down by the man. Likewise, please show me an example of how women are treated differently in the workplace. You can try, but the fact of the matter is that studies have shown that women make as much as their male counterparts, and the LGBT community has their rights. Period. What else do we have to give the LGBT community, grant them sainthood? Right, it’s all leftist ideology and have no place in the Republican Convention. That’s enough of that, but that brings me to my next critique……. Ivanka Trump.

Now let me preface this by saying that I did enjoy watching Ivanka speak. She really seems like a breath of fresh air and I believe that we will see her in politics in the near future. She spoke clearly, concisely, and in a great temperament to which her father should take notes on. But, the problem I had with her speech was the harping on women’s rights for equal pay and the like. Again, it has been proven through studies that equal pay is a myth. The way she was going on, I could have sworn that she was speaking for Hillary Clinton at the D.N.C. Another problem I had with her speech, and it wasn’t so much a problem with what she said, it was the reaction from Trump supporters I had a problem with. When Ivanka came out to speak, this is the same woman who couldn’t vote for her own father in the primary because she was registered a Democrat in New York State and didn’t realize the rules so maybe her and Donald are more alike than I thought, exclaimed that she was in fact a Democrat but would vote for a Republican depending on the candidate and which one represented her values. Is it me, or does that sound exactly like ‘Voting your conscience’? For that, she received a standing ovation!! However, when Ted Cruz said ‘Vote your Conscience’ he was boo’d, ridiculed, demonized non stop, etc. The irony is, dare I say, Ironic!!

Speaking of ironic, isn’t it ironic that the ‘supposed’ outsider is just fine with all the ‘insiders’ endorsements. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Reince Priebus, etc. etc. etc….. Does anybody ever talk about that? Of course not!!! Just move along…. get on board…. don’t ask questions…! Just saying folks…

Finally that brings me to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, that I thought was fairly good. But the following morning, in true Trump style, he had to go and ruin everything he did right. The very next day, for whatever reason, he felt the need to go after Ted Cruz, his family, and his Conservative Supporters again. Trump, in a press conference, started in on Cruz’ father. Insinuating that his father was in on the assassination of JFK. Also bringing up that awful tweet that showed a negative picture of Heidi Cruz alongside a beautiful picture of his own wife Melania. Then of course he went after Ted by saying he not only doesn’t need or want Ted’s endorsement, he also said he wouldn’t accept it. Then he speculated that Ted’s career is over because of the negative media coverage that Cruz was getting for not endorsing Trump. Even Mike Pence, who is Trump’s VP pick and was standing right behind him, was visually uncomfortable during this rant. Now at the same time, I don’t agree with Ted’s response when asked about not endorsing. He said “I’m not in the habit of endorsing someone who goes after my family.” Cruz knows better than that and he’s better than to say such things. Ultimately, what Trump and his supporters refuse to understand however, is that when Trump does and says what he did the day after accepting the Republican Nomination, he is indirectly attacking Cruz supporters and further pushing them away. I was truly offended, not like college kids offended, but truly offended by the verbal vomit coming from Trump’s mouth. And as I’ve said over and over, I don’t go along to get along. If Donald wants my vote, he alone has to earn it! These stupid, childish attacks will be his downfall, and the downfall of the Republican Party this election. Get serious Donny, or kiss this Presidency good bye! That’s it folks, I’m done, but please look out for the second part of this piece where I will brave the freak show and dive into the Democrat National Convention. God Bless everyone!