Let’s Be Honest Shall We……


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Donald Trump has officially been our President for two weeks and the left continue to lose their minds…. Not that they had much to spare in the first place. We see the likes of  Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, etc. spewing liberal vomit at every turn. Threatening the integrity of the Constitution and our republic to its very core. Not to be upstaged of course, we have the leftist media freaking out at every move Trump makes….. Literally! The President can’t breathe without fake outrage from CNN and MSNBC. All the while we have women marching in lock step for for some reason that nobody understands except them. Rioters and anarchists in the streets setting fires to limousines, breaking business’ windows, and attacking Trump supporters for no other reason apparently than it looks like a good time. Most of this is thanks to the former Obama administration and his Progressive agenda. It truly was a great day for America and liberty loving patriots when we bid ‘goodbye’ to Barack Obama and watched him fly away into the sunset on Marine One… (Although we haven’t heard the last of him. Bet on it!)

Now there were many of us in the media and blogosphere that believed the left would take a step back, evaluate their tactics, and take a different approach going forward with regards to policy and identity politics. However this is evidently not going to be the case. In fact it appears they are doubling down on the Obama platform. I pointed this out a few weeks ago and lamented that if the Democrats keep up this line of attack, and we can keep Donald Trump on the straight and narrow, then the mid-term elections would be a glorious time and in four years we will be celebrating another Presidential election. But that is a discussion for another day. There is a trend out there amongst those in “conservative” media and social media that must be addressed. And that is the issue of intellectual honesty as it pertains to President Trump.

For far too long, the left has been devoid of facts and honesty as it relates to their elected officials and policies. This last election was a direct result of years of propaganda and lies perpetrated by Democrats and their cronies in the media. Now that Republicans own the Presidency and both houses of Congress, it does us no good to play the games the left did just because it’s “our guy” in charge. For example, after the election, Trump kept pushing the false narrative of a “landslide election win.” This is simply untrue…. And the talking heads in his camp and in conservative media that push that narrative know it’s untrue. If you consider losing the popular vote by 3 million votes and coming in 46th out of 58 electoral college wins a landslide, then perhaps you need to pick up a dictionary and re-read the definition of LANDSLIDE!

Let’s also examine the recent unpleasantness of the Inaugural attendance. Donald Trump claims that the media is lying when it comes to the size of his turnout versus Barack Obama’s even though there is photographic evidence to prove Obama had a larger crowd. Why President trump is so concerned with everything associated with him being the greatest is also up for debate. Is he a narcissist or simply trolling the media? I believe it’s a mix of both, but again, that’s for a different discussion. The fact of the matter is we don’t need talking heads like Kelly Ann Conway on national television talking about “alternative facts.”

The simple truth is facts are facts. Now we can point out missing facts and the context in which those facts were taken, but it serves us no good to try to play the Democrat game. Especially since we have a hard uphill battle in the first place and the left will fact check anything that’s put out in the ether. Again, intellectual honesty is going to be key in holding our elected officials accountable.

This brings us to Donald Trump and what he has accomplished thus far. Personally I believe he has done some wonderful things. His Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, is superb. New sanctions against the Iranian regime are a clear sign that the old Obama days are over. The Executive Orders he has signed are dead on and within his Constitutional boundaries to do so. It was imperative to undo the damage of the last 8 years. But this is where we have to be honest with ourselves. If Trump decides to take a page from Obama’s playbook, and try to legislate with a pen and a phone, we must stand against that type of Executive fiat. We can’t sit by and exclaim, “Well Obama did it.” That’s how we will lose all credibility. It’s completely dishonest to say the Democrats were wrong for doing it, then reverse position because it’s our guy. No need for double standards. One standard will do just fine.

So with regards to President Trump, we should all be excited for the moves he’s made but there are things on the horizon that will be proposed that we should stand against as conservatives. An example is the one trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ program. I’m old enough to remember when Obama gave us an 800 billion dollar stimulus program and ‘conservatives’ on Fox News and talk radio were shouting it down from the rooftops. It doesn’t make it better just because it’s Trump that is proposing it. A good rule of thumb is if the Democrats are applauding Trump’s policies on spending, it’s probably not a good idea.

Another example is this protectionist stance with regards to trade. It’s amazing that such a smart businessman has such little knowledge of free market economics. Slapping tariffs on foreign entities and threatening domestic companies who might move out of the country is not free market ideology. It will only hurt certain industries here and American consumers as well. But there are the Trump cheerleaders in the media routing on this protectionism when they know it won’t work. Here’s food for thought, when Bernie Sanders is in love with Trump’s trade policy, red lights and loud sirens should be going off in your head.

It all boils down to being honest with yourself and others around you. Democrats will continue to play their games and we will battle them for as long as it takes, but please take this one piece of advice with you. If Republicans and conservatives play the blame game (Well the Dems did it first….), refuse to question Donald Trumps policies when it violates our principles, and make excuses for bad moves that are made, we will have essentially become the left…… And then where do we go?