So Conservatism is Dead?? Not So Fast!!!

So Conservatism is Dead?? Not So Fast!!!






There are folks in the Main Stream Media, both Republican and Democrat alike, who are claiming that Conservative principles and values are no longer an essential part of our political or personal lives. They claim Conservatism has been replaced by a Nationalist, Populist political ideology. In other words, the Constitution and everything it represents and protects, is just an outdated piece of paper that should be replaced with a modern form of Protectionism for Republicans. And a modern form of Socialism for Democrats. Neither of which is acceptable for the survival of our damaged Republic!

What most people don’t realize is that there have only been two Presidents in the last century who have represented Constitutional Conservative ideologies, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan. That’s it, TWO! And it just so happens that they are two of the most successful Presidencies of all time. So I don’t like hearing the adage that “Conservatism has been tried…. We have to try something else!” That’s clearly not the case. Remember, Republican DOES NOT equal Conservative. However, for a long time, the Republican Party has typically been the platform for Conservatives. Unfortunately, this current Republican Party is barely indistinguishable from its counterpart. Although there are still a few strong Constitutionalists spread about through the Party. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Rand Paul….. just to name a couple.

But these brave men and women are too few and far between. And that’s the way the leadership in the Republican Party wants it to stay. Mitch McConnell and many like him view Conservatives as a threat to their very being. They abhor the likes of Ted Cruz worse than they ever would view Donald Trump, because they know they will be able to work with Trump to further their agendas. They know with Conservatives, the party is over. Both figuratively and literally. There is way too much power and money at stake for establishment Republicans. They cannot be bothered by Constitutionalists who will limit that power and corruption for the sake of the country and all of us.

And what’s more, the Republicans are not alone in their contempt for Conservatives. There are many so-called “Conservatives” in the media, both talk radio and television, who have shown their true colors over this past year. Men and women I used to listen to and respect have now abandoned their principles in favor of this Nationalist Populist movement we see in Donald Trump. (If they ever really had principles to begin with) Not that it is wrong to route for Trump, but his surrogates in the media need to hold him to account for ideas and policies that go the opposite way of what Conservatives stand for. There is nothing wrong with that! But no, what we hear is cheerleading for this stupidity and comparisons to Reagan. While Trump does have very few stances that are Conservative, he is most certainly not one. And far too many don’t point out that distinction.

So let’s parlay this into what we witnessed at this first debate. First, anyone who thought Donald Trump won this debate either didn’t watch it or is what Mark Levin affectionately calls “A pom-pom boy or girl”. Meaning that his base of supporters and surrogates in the media are devoid of reality and only see what they want to see. I equate this to Philadelphia Eagles fans of which I am one. Although they are playing quite well at this point in the season, I prefer to live in the real world and look objectively at this team. I don’t jump on the “We’re going to the Super Bowl” bandwagon like you hear from hardcore Eagles fans. That doesn’t make me a fair weathered fan, that makes me a realist. I used the same judgement and rationality while watching Donald Trump debate Hillary Clinton. Now it’s no secret that I have serious concerns regarding Donald Trump. I supported Ted Cruz throughout the Primary. That doesn’t make me a “Never Trump” individual, but I am far from a surrogate for the man. That being said, my hope was Donald Trump would take that debate stage and completely eviscerate Hillary Clinton. The reality is that Trump fell way short. While he did start off fairly strong through the first 15 minutes or so, and had a few good moments throughout the entirety of the debate, anyone who is honest with themselves knows that Clinton was the victor. Trump was woefully unprepared for this and it does him no good if those in the media are dishonest and simply cheer that he was the winner. Now whether he isn’t taking this seriously, or isn’t studying the issues, or simply can’t think on his feet, the fact of the matter is Mr. Trump had many opportunities to hit Hillary Clinton and he failed. That’s the truth. You saw his temper start to get the better of him, while Hillary stood there with that snarky grin on her face knowing that he was imploding. (Just a side note, could she have had a more arrogant appearance? No wonder she is so unlikable.)

All this being said, Donald Trump better start getting serious about these next two debates. And his cheerleaders in the Trump Camp, on social media, and in the Main Stream Media better hold his feet to the fire, or THEY will own his loss to Hillary Clinton. And please stop with the “Trump isn’t a politician….. He’s a businessman.” It is not too much to ask that even a rich real estate mogul, who is representing the Republican Party for President, knows what the hell he’s doing and talking about.

So what are we left with? It is a benefit having Mike Pence on Trump’s ticket. He’s a fairly strong Conservative who might be able to get Donald to understand and respect the Constitution of this great country. However, regardless of who wins this election, Conservatives HAVE to regroup and start all over again. But we must make our voices louder and clearer than ever before. Like the 2008 Tea Party, only on steroids! Furthermore, it’s a necessity not only to promote Constitutional Conservative principles and values, but the idea of the liberty that comes with them. It’s not enough to say to people, “We need smaller government and less bureaucracies.” We have to make the case as to WHY we need it. And how it benefits us as a whole. And how the Constitution is the key to liberty and justice for all. We must not be afraid to tell some unpleasant truths as well. For example, we must not be afraid to be labeled a bigot, racist, uncaring, etc…… simply because we want to reign in on entitlement programs. We must explain WHY these programs are a detriment to our society and culture, and actually make us enslaved by the government, rather than making us more free! More government equals less liberty folks. That’s what needs to be the primary lesson taught. And that’s a lesson that needs to be promoted not just at the Federal level, but more importantly at the state and local level as well. That’s where it all starts ladies and gentlemen. And let me reiterate, we must hold our elected officials feet to the fire. If someone breaks campaign promises and lumps in with the establishment hacks……..  OUT THEY GO!

The country is in bad shape folks. We all know this. But we are not done yet. Only through the Constitution, religion, and being a decent moral citizenry will we be able to lift America back to it’s rightful place as the greatest country the world has ever seen. And once again be that shining city on a hill. And for all those pseudo-conservatives out there, along with the Nationalist Populists and every other type of ideological political group who think the Constitution is outdated and Conservatism is dead, it is time for YOU to get the hell out of the way and let us return the country to it’s rightful owner………. We the People!