I’m Thinking About 9/11…. Is Colin?




One Tuesday morning, 15 years ago, I was up early ironing a suit that I would be taking with me to the filming of the T.V. show “Alias.” As an aspiring actor, and a recent transplant to Los Angeles, of course I had to get all the background and day player roles I could get. And was more than happy to. I didn’t have the TV on that morning as I recall, but all of a sudden my house phone (remember those) began ringing. This was odd because who would be trying to get a hold of me at 6 o’clock in the morning? I picked up the receiver and heard panic on the other side. It was my father calling me from New Jersey. “Oh my God…. Can you believe this??” he exclaimed.  I replied “What??” He then asked if I had the TV on, I said no. “We are under attack…. Put the damn TV on!!” Now panicking myself, I grabbed the remote and flipped on the television….. Just before the first tower fell. The date was September 11th, 2001…. And the rest is history.

Now the terror attacks of 9/11 affected me a little different than most Americans. You see I lived in New York City for a few years before moving to L.A. I received my BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College which is on 91st and 3rd Ave. for anyone who is familiar with New York. I lived in various locations throughout the city as well. One residence that I loved was located on Roosevelt Island, a tiny little island in the East River in between Queens and Manhattan. At night, the skyline of Manhattan shone brightly with the silhouettes of the Twin Towers in the distance. It really was a beautiful sight.

I also recall the drive from Wildwood, New Jersey. My home town which is at the southernmost point of the state, up the Garden State Parkway. Followed by a brief drive up the Jersey Turnpike towards the great city. I remember a stretch of road along the Turnpike where you could first get a glance of the Towers, looming out of the obscure skyline. When I would see them one thought raced through my mind…. I’m home. I did that drive more times than I care to remember, but that was always my thought when I saw those two wonderful buildings….. Home. Unfortunately that skyline, the city, and America as a whole have been changed forever.

Fast forward 15 years, almost to the day, and look what we have in this country. We have athletes, celebrities, social justice warriors, etc. telling us how bad America is. How horrible we are to minorities. How the police are out to kill you. How the Flag of our country is a sign of hate. And what’s worse is that left wing politicians are on this bandwagon. Have we gone completely banana sandwich in this poor country? My guess is far too many have, unfortunately.

Now let’s take Colin Kaepernick and most recently Bronco’s player Brandon Marshall for example. These two have decided to disgrace the flag by refusing to stand during the Star Spangled Banner. When questioned why they would disrespect the country like that, the response is “The systemic racism and social injustice that exists in America.” Now remember, that excuse is coming from coddled little babies who make MILLIONS playing a game. Now according to some reports, the whole Seattle Seahawks team will be protesting the flag this Sunday. Which also happens to be the anniversary of 9/11.

Let us relive the aftermath of September 11th. In the days and weeks that followed, emotions ran high for everyone. People were anxious, scared, angry, confused and the list goes on. Never had we seen an attack like this against innocent civilians on our shores before, so of course we felt vulnerable. Roughly 3 thousand souls were lost that day between first responders and civilians. Everyday we watch visuals from ground zero, wondering if any survivors would be brought out of the rubble. None came.

However, what was brought out of this tragedy was solidarity. We ceased to be African-Americans, Latin-Americans, Asian-Americans and so forth…. We were simply Americans. We felt pride in our country knowing that with each other, we would overcome and in the end triumph over evil. We smiled at each other more as we passed in the streets. When we would ask “How are you?” we truly meant it. We were a country unified regardless of race, religion, wealth, or any other reason the progressives use to divide us. And it felt great.

This is what America is at its very core. It always was, and always will be, no matter what the left tries convince you to believe. Unfortunately this sentiment didn’t last much more than a year. We went back to former ways of life. Some had a short memory, some were just selfish in their lives. But just like Christmas, there is a time once a year when we remember the good that lives inside all of us as a Nation. We remember all the lives that were lost that day. We remember our men and women in the Military, who have fought and lost their lives protecting us against these savages in the Middle East. Who, by the way Mr. Kaepernick and Mr. Marshall, would love nothing more than to kill you along with the rest of us. We remember everything that we went through so many years ago.

The archives of 9/11 will be playing all weekend. I, along with so many will be watching and remembering. And from time to time, like right now as I’m writing this, I will shed tears in remembrance. So might I suggest to Colin Kaepernick, Brandon Marshall, and anyone else out there that thinks it’s fine to disrespect the country this way to please watch the videos. Hear what Americans went through. Watch the aftermath. Talk to people and ask them how they felt in the months that followed. I would bet most people, regardless of race, would tell you exactly what I just did. And please tune out the leftists and progressives that continue to try to divide this country based on lies. There is no systemic racism and social injustice in this country. If there is, show it to me and we will fight it together! But I’m sure it will be the same talking points over and over again. And that’s truly unfortunate.

God Bless America……..   We will NEVER forget.