“What Are You, A Cuckservative?”….. Alt-Righty then!

I first became familiar with the term Alt-Right (Short for Alternative Right) a few months ago while listening to Ben Shapiro. Up to then I had never heard the term. However, I was familiar with the ideology they hold so dear. You see Ben Shapiro is one of the greatest young minds in Conservatism today. He runs the “Daily Wire” website where he and his team promote Conservative ideas. He has a popular podcast. He speaks all over the country promoting Conservative values and principles. And did I mention he is Jewish? Now that might not mean anything to you or me, but too many members of the Alt-Right community despise Ben just for being a Jew. Yes, it’s called anti-semetism folks.

Please let me preface this a little more clearly. I am NOT saying that everyone associated with the Alt-Right is an anti-semetic racist. That would be like saying “All Muslims are Terrorists” or “All White people are racist” or “All Democrats have no capacity for intelligent thought.” We all know that is not true, but there seems to be a trend happening with this movement that worries me for the sake of the Republican Party and Conservatism as a whole.

Now the ideology of the Alt-Right is based in a Nationalist Isolationist idea that America should close all borders, do away with traditional free-market capitalism by way of Tariffs and so forth, and generally celebrate a ‘Nativist’ attitude. They pride themselves on being the New Conservative Movement, however, their principles couldn’t be further from traditional Conservatives like myself. In short, it’s a hijacking of the Conservative name. That being said, their ideology has provided a perfect platform for another group to attach itself to… White Nationalists. That’s right, all those disgusting human beings that we used to see running around in white sheets while burning crosses, have come to the forefront in popular culture again! These White Pride individuals, who are also aligned with Neo-Nazis and other hate groups are becoming a bigger and bigger segment in the Alt-Right culture. For lack of a better explanation, this group is the Black Lives Matter of the right, and it needs to be cut down.

And now we see the Alt-Right surrounding and promoting Donald Trump for President of the United States. Of course the reason for this is because Trump is running on their very ideals. Closing down immigration, taking an isolationist view as it pertains to foreign trade, anti-political correctness, etc. Look at one of his biggest slogans, ‘America First.’ Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like Nativism? Moreover, when questioned in February about David Duke’s endorsement, Trump balked and said “I’m not familiar with David Duke” and “I don’t know anything about White Supremecist Groups.” Well of course the White Nationalists heard a dog whistle. Say what you want, I DO NOT believe that Donald Trump is a racist. However, I do believe he is taking some very bad advice from those involved in the Alt-Right movement. From day one, he should have disavowed this radical group. But I believe he doesn’t want to lose any segment of his voting base regardless of their values and beliefs.

Herein lies the problem for me. For months now, Conservatives like myself, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, and the list goes on and on, have been extremely concerned that if Donald Trump would become the Republican Nominee that he would become the standard bearer of the Conservative Movement. He has declared over and over that he is a Conservative outsider. He’s not. Donald Trump is the antithesis of what Conservatives stand for, in my opinion. But by association, Trump will represent what people think of, when they think of a Republican and Conservative. And that would ruin all the work the Tea Party and other Conservative groups have achieved all these years.

Unfortunately for us, this is coming to fruition. With the addition of Steven K. Bannon as the CEO of Trump’s campaign, the ties to the Alt-Right got even stronger. Bannon became the CEO of Breitbart News shortly after the untimely death of its founder, Andrew Breitbart. According to long time editor and a very good friend of Andrew, Ben Shapiro (Who no longer works for Breitbart), “Andrew railed against the establishment. He HATED bullies and he HATED racists.” Unfortunately for Andrew, his namesake has become synonymous with establishment RINOs but more importantly bullies and racists because of Steve Bannon. The whole Primary season, Breitbart was affectionately nicknamed ‘Trumpbart’ by some because of the incessant worship of Donald Trump. Like it or not Donald is a bully, and not someone Andrew Breitbart would have backed. Further, Bannon has all but said that Breitbart is a platform for the Alt-Right, a movement that Andrew also would have been vehemently against.

Ultimately here are my two biggest concerns with these Alt-Righters. First, I believe there are many good people attaching themselves with this group who don’t understand or refuse to admit the dark underbelly that associates themselves with the Alt-Right. Perhaps many just think it’s a group that is anti-PC and against the establishment…… I am just speculating because I refuse to believe all the people who claim to be Alt-Right are, in fact, White Supremacist Nationalist Bigots. Rather they are truly ignorant to the core values of the movement and how despicable many of them are. And you don’t have to look far. Go and Google the search terms ‘Alt-Right, Ben Shapiro’ or ‘Alt-Right, ‘Mark Levin’ and you will find a plethora of anti-semetic, racist rants by Alt-Righters. Some include “Die you F-ing Jew Bastard” “You F-ing Kike” followed by terms like “Cuckservative” and “White Pride.” Of course let us not leave out memes of “Pepe the frog” and pictures of ovens from concentration camps. The whole thing is sickening and Trump should be distancing himself from them. Not enabling and winking at them.

And that brings me to my second point. It was only a matter of time until the Clinton Campaign caught on and exploited Donald and his Alt-Right association. Last week, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on this very topic to a group of her supporters. She was gracious enough to not lump in all Republicans and traditional Conservatives into this group. In fact, she made a plea to join her if you don’t like what Trump and his associates stand for. But in my heart, I know that by the time the election comes around, she WILL have lumped us all under the same Alt-Right narrative. And that is something that should concern all Republicans and Conservatives. The more we get out the truth about this vile group, the better we will be for it. Now I know Clinton herself has been tied to members of the KKK and also openly celebrated Confederate Flag Day as First Lady of Arkansas. But that argument is for a different day. We must first straighten out our own house, then go after that horror show of a woman. But I plead to Donald Trump to separate himself from Steve Bannon and others like him. He should stand up and denounce ANY kind of supremacy. White, Black, Latino, Muslim, Asian…… whatever the case may be. He needs to stand alone from groups like this, or he will most certainly damage the Republican Brand and Conservatism for years to come.